Frequently Asked Questions

I thought I should add a page that includes answers to questions I am frequently asked:

1)  What do you charge?  You can find that information on my rate page on here or under "RATES" on any of my advertisements you may wish to view.

2)  What services do you provide?  The utmost in quality companionship combined with the finest in massage therapy!

3)  Do you offer less than an hour appointment?   I only offer one hour and longer sessions -  I like seeing gentlemen who appreciate a quality, relaxing experience and are of a generous nature.

4)  Can we trade services?  Sorry, I believe it is best that each of us get paid for the service or goods we provide.

5)  Do you accept gift or credit cards as payment for services?   No, I do not accept either for services rendered.  I will, however, graciously accept a gift card as a gratuity if you wish to spoil me with such a generous gift!

5)  Do you see couples?  I am more comfortable in a one-on-one situation - but, I am flattered by the inquiry.